Exotic Tool Welding | Certifications


Exotic Tool Welding is currently qualified to the following specifications:


AWS QC-1 American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspector

Fusion Welding Specifications

ASME Section IX – Qualification standard for welding and brazing procedures, welders, brazers, and welding and brazing operators

AWS D17.1 – Fusion welding for aerospace applications

AWS D1.1 – Structural welding code – Steel

AWS D1.2 – Structural welding code – Aluminum

BAC5975 – Fusion welding of metals

BAC5974 – Fusion welding of girth joints in systems tubing

AMS-STD-2219 – (cancelled and s/s by AWS D17.1) Fusion welding for aerospace applications

SAE-AMS-STD-2219 – (cancelled and s/s by AWS D17.1) Fusion welding ofr aerospace applications

MIL-W-8604 – (cancelled and s/s by AWS D17.1) Welding, fusion, aluminum alloys

MIL-W-8611 – (cancelled and s/s by AWS D17.1) Welding, fusion, corrosion resistant alloys

MIL-STD-2219A – (cancelled and s/s by AWS D17.1) Fusion welding for aerospace applications

DPS 10.225 – Gas tungsten arc welding

DPS 10.301 – Fusion welding processes

PS 22201 – Arc fusion welding aluminum and aluminum alloys

PS 22210 – Arc fusion welding

PS 22240 – Arc fusion welding titanium

PS 22250 – Arc fusion welding steels and corrosion and heat resistant alloys

RPS 11.14 – Fusion welding of metals

ST0107LA0020 – Fusion welding aluminum

Torch and Induction Brazing Specifications

BAC5940 – Silver brazing

PS 22604 – Brazing low carbon, low alloy or austenitic steels

RPS 11.79 – Tube brazing

MIL-B-7883 – Brazing of Steels, Copper, Copper Alloys, Nickel Alloys, Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys

Non Destructive Testing

ASTM E1417 – Standard Pratice for Liquid Penetrant Testing

BAC5423 – Penetrant Methods of Inspection 

BSS7039 – Liquid Penetrant Inspection (limited see ETW D1-4426 Approvals)

ETW can obtain certification to AWS C3.4, AWS C3.5, and other specifications or codes as needed by your requirements. Please contact estimating for more information.

We can also arrange for NDT requirements such as Penetrant Testing, Radiographic Testing, and Magnetic Particle Testing.

Contact us for more information >>.